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What is Nessy reading?

The Nessy Reading and Spelling  on-line programs are designed to help address the specific difficulties caused by dyslexia, but are also effective for children of all abilities. Nessy is a great program to be followed by 2nd Language learners.

Why do Vergezicht learners do the program?

Each child receives instruction tailored to his or her specific needs. Every resource is graded so the child is not expected to know anything that has not yet been taught.

Multisensory activities are used to teach reading and spelling at the same time. Nessy is a highly structured, phonics based learning program.Vergezicht learners can login at home and continue their playing and learning!

Nessy aims to:

Rebuild learners’ self confidence, rediscover their self esteem and establish a love for learning. Nessy believes that when children laugh, then learning becomes more memorable.

Vergezicht recommends Nessy

Every Vergezicht learner (grade 1 – 7) is registered for the online Nessy Learning and Spelling Program. 

Children who need to learn to type follow the online Nessy Fingers program.

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